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The GDS Way and its content is intended for internal use by the GDS and CO CDIO communities.

How to store source code

At GDS, we follow the principles set out in the Service Manual for managing the code we write by:

Publish open source code

Wherever possible, we make our source code open and reusable. This means other government departments and people in outside organisations can benefit from our work. We also maintain several open source projects developed for use on GOV.UK and with other work we do, such as GOV.UK Frontend.

It’s not always appropriate to open code. There are sometimes grounds for keeping some data and code closed, for example:

  • keys and credentials
  • algorithms used to detect fraud
  • code or data that makes clear details of unannounced policy

The Service Manual explains how to open previously closed code and your responsibilities for maintaining open code.

When you publish open source code, your project must:

Your open source code project should:

You could also provide a mailing list so people can discuss your project.

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